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Chanel Bag Store was previously an online store selling replica Chanel handbags which once appeared here, using this domain name. When owners and operators of the former shopping website were discovered to be offering replica products for sale, a lawsuit ensued. As a result of the case brought to the United States Federal Court, they were ordered to transfer the domain name to CHANEL by order of a Judgment and Injunction in the Southern District of Florida. In addition to losing the domain name, the previous owners were ordered to pay damages of over $134,000.


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First off, a genuine would never sell for such low prices. Second, the prices listed for the fake bags could actually seem quite high for what you get. We've all heard the saying, you get what you pay for.

Many replica Chanel could feel flimsy and flop to one side. Sometimes they garner loose or uneven stitching, lightweight lining, tarnished or greasy metal trims, off-color fabrics, or a dusty residue.

A replica Chanel handbag is no substitute for the refinement and uncompromising quality of a genuine.